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The long anticipated launch!

After nearly 3 years of thinking and talking and dreaming about the Hobbit Hole and Inian Islands Institute, after creating our website and business model and advisory council, after bringing our first group of Stanford students out there for a mind-blowing course this summer — we’re finally launching our initial fundraising campaign!  Donate Now!

We’re fundraising with IndieGoGo, a “crowdfunding” website that seeks small donations from lots & lots of people, using the power of social media to help spread the word.  With your help, we’re hoping it goes like wildfire on a windy day!  At this point, we’re just trying to put together some startup funds to push this vision forward — things like appraising the value of the property, making video and other promotional materials, and bringing potential donors up to see the Hobbit Hole for themselves.  But by making this concerted effort to spread the word, we might just find our angel — a visionary person who can help us purchase this property and establish Inian Islands Institute for all the right reasons…

The Hobbit Hole.  Photo by Lauren Oakes.

The Hobbit Hole. Photo by Lauren Oakes.

We’ve got 40 days to raise $40,000.  That’s $1000 per day.  I think it’s doable, but we’ll need help from every one of you!  Like us on Facebook (there should be a button on your right…) and share our campaign on your social media!  Send a personal email or two to folks you think would take interest in Alaskan Wilderness and experiential education.  Here’s the link to our IndieGoGo campaign:

And to our Fundraising Video:

It’s damn exciting to get started after all this time.  It should be fun to see how this plays out.  We’ll keep you updated… in the meantime, be well, and keep the Wilderness in your heart.

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