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Board of Directors

Jan Rutherdale, President

Juneau became Jan’s home when she moved there in 1982 from Northern Jan RutherdaleCalifornia. After a 36-year career as a lawyer for the State of Alaska, Jan retired in 2013. She now spends her time with family (including two adult daughters) and friends, by traveling and being outdoors, and by giving back to Southeast Alaska through volunteer work. She first became aware of the Inian Islands Institute mission and its beautiful setting while participating the annual work party in 2016, and she jumped at the chance to contribute further by joining the III Board in 2018.

Jessica Lindmark, Vice President

Jessica LindmarkJessica first traveled to Southeast Alaska in 2003. She came away from that trip filled with a sense of awe for Alaska’s powerful landscapes, its creatures, and it’s enduring wilderness. She is thrilled to work with Inian Islands Institute to bringing this experience to students and researchers, and to give back to this incredible part of the planet. Her formal background is in English, communications, and editing, which she often puts to service for startup projects, particularly those related to sustainability. She currently lives in Seattle, where she hikes some, gardens often, and works primarily as a yoga instructor, taking classes into the outdoors at every opportunity.


Molly Kemp, TreasurerMolly Kemp

Molly Kemp fell in love with Southeast Alaska nearly 40 years ago, and put down roots near the Chichagof Island community of Tenakee Springs. Recognizing the vulnerability of her forest home led to decades of political activism, and the formation of the Chichagof Conservation Council. Recently retired from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game after 30 field seasons, Molly is thrilled to have an opportunity to help advance the vision of the Inian Islands Institute.

Elizabeth Hillstrom, Secretary

Elizabeth HillstromElizabeth is a mechanical engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a former Inian student and summer intern. She graduated with a B.S. from Stanford University, where she was first given the opportunity to travel to Southeast Alaska and participate in an Inian Islands Institute program, as part of a course entitled In the Age of the Anthropocene: Coupled Human-Natural Systems in Southeast Alaska. At her day job, she works on creating next-generation clean energy, but feeds her interest in environmental science and education on the side. She spends her free time hiking, backpacking, biking and building her amateur photography skills. Since her first visit to Alaska and Inian, she just can’t stay away, now bringing a student’s perspective to the Inian Board of Directors team.

Wayne Howell

Wayne HowellWayne is an anthropologist living in Gustavus, Alaska. He attended Brigham Young University, where he received both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in anthropology. Wayne’s archaeological work has brought him throughout Central America, the Western U.S., and Alaska. Employed by the National Park Service since 1995, Wayne has served as Cultural Resource Specialist with Glacier Bay National Park, carrying out archaeology, history, and ethnography, as well as fostering positive relationships between the NPS and neighboring Tlingit Native communities.

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