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Featured Supporters

Hitz Foundation

The Hitz Foundation, based in Palo Alto, CA, has been a wonderfully generous supporter of Inian Islands Institute.  With its connection to Deep Springs College, the Hitz Foundation is a true champion of alternative, experiential modes of education.


Juneau Community FoundationJuneau Community Foundation

Inian Islands Institute received a generous grant from Juneau Community Foundation’s Great Blue Heron Fund.  This grant is specifically dedicated to student equipment for our field-based environmental education work.  In 2016, we hope to leverage this grant to purchase a fleet of kayaks for Inian Islands Institute, the best way of exploring Southeast Alaska’s magnificently rich waters.


Leighty Foundation

Leighty FoundationThe Leighty Foundation is based in Juneau, AK, and is interested in accelerating humanity’s transition to a sustainable energy system based upon renewable energy sources, as well as furthering science education to better understand Earth systems.  Their support helps the Inian Islands Institute grow towards both of these goals.



Skaggs FoundationSkaggs Foundation

The Skaggs Foundation operates out of Juneau, AK, and supports environmental and cultural conservation and education throughout Southeast Alaska, and is a donor to the Inian Islands Institute. In addition to generous support through the foundation, Sam Skaggs also helps guide our vision as he serves on the advisory council of the Inian Islands Institute.


Rasmuson Foundation

The Rasmuson Foundation works to provide a better life for Alaskans, providing support for everything fromRasmuson Foundation housing to health to arts and culture.  A grant from the Rasmuson Foundation allowed the Institute to acquire a fleet of kayaks to give students the chance to explore the coastal waters of the Inian Islands.  Their generous support of the Inian Islands Institute helps keep alive the vibrancy of Alaska’s wild and natural educational potential.


Juneau Emergency Medical AssociatesJuneau Emergency Medical Associates

Juneau Emergency Medical Associates (JEMA) is committed to being stewards of the planet and our community by fostering awareness and education for coming generations a respect for the natural world around us.  Their generous support will go towards purchase of the Inian field school property, in order to secure this beautifully wild place indefinitely and provide unparalleled opportunities for environmental education.