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3rd Annual Inian Islands Institute Volunteer Work Party

Replacing a building foundation in the rain ain't for sissies... Yet Tim and Harrison emerge from the underworld with smiles.

Building a strong foundation for a legacy is not always a figure of speech! (photo: 2015 work party)

July 6-10, 2017

Now that the ambitious replacement of the shop house foundation has been completed, this year at the Hobbit Hole we will take care of some much needed projects including building a composting toilet and continuing landscape and gardening efforts.  We will also make a solid plan of action for the next phase of maintenance and development, including rebuilding/re-roofing the out-sheds of the warehouse, creating an outdoor kitchen, and designing a floating greenhouse and sauna.  We can’t wait to welcome our volunteers for the long work days and the nightly celebrations, bringing this field school to life!



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