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In the Age of Anthropocene: Coupled Human-Natural Systems of Southeast Alaska

Zhi Ping Teo looks out from the highest point of the Island, towards Glacier Bay National Park.

A student in the 2013 Sophomore College at the Inian Islands

September 3-22, 2017 (at the Inian Islands September 18 – 21)
Stanford University Sophomore College

In September, the Inian Islands Institute will be visited by a group of rising sophomore students from Stanford participating in a three week field couqrse on natural resource management and sustainability. The students will learn about complex social-ecological systems through the lens of forestry, fisheries, tourism and energy by engaging with community members and the local ecosystem. Time spent at the Inian Islands Institute offers a unique space to reflect on interactions between people and their environment and strategies for tackling resource management and conservation issues.


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