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Scientist in Residence


This season, Inian welcomes Alyssa Adler as our first ever scientist in residence! Her project, Tall Trees in Cold Seas will study the bull kelp forests around the Inian Islands.

Originally from Oregon, Alyssa has always had a strong relationship with nature and the outdoors. In search of a life full of adventure, she found her passion for the ocean while studying at Oregon State University; where she graduated in 2012 with a B.Sc. in marine biology, a minor in chemistry, and a PADI divemaster certification. The years following graduation have included extensive travel and diver training, gaining experience from Greece to Antarctica, the Seychelles to Greenland. As a young marine biologist, she had the opportunity to work as an AAUS Scientific Diver for University of North Carolina for several years on an offshore reef ecology project, and has participated in several of NOAA’s reef survey missions. She has been diving with Lindblad Expeditions as an underwater videographer and ocean educator since 2014 and has fostered a love for the poles and extreme cold-water diving, though her heart is perpetually lost in a kelp forest. In August of 2018 Alyssa was awarded a National Geographic Early Career grant with a focus on the Inian Islands of Southeast Alaska. The next year will involve extensive underwater documentation, observation, and data collection along select regional bull kelp forests. Through the Inian Islands Institute and the National Geographic Society she will tell the story of Nereocystis, an annual kelp which thrives in this productive temperate island ecosystem.


Top photo: Alyssa Adler on the National Geographic Sea Bird in Glacier Bay NP, Middle: SCUBA diving in Isla de los Estados, Southern Argentina, Bottom: mapping kelp forests in the Inian Islands