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UAS Environmental Rhetoric, 2018


Aristotle, the original rhetorician

June 30 – July 6, 2018

How do we make persuasive arguments that lead to positive environmental change? An encore to the 2016 season of this class, we will once again be exploring this question in concept and practice.

Join professor Dan Henry at Inian Islands Institute for this intensive, transformative course on the art of environmental rhetoric.  Deep in the Wilderness, we will begin with the Aristotle and carry his lessons all the way to modern environmental challenges, from land conservation to climate change.

Course Details: 
• One Week

12 Participants
• For only $400, you receive transportation, food, lodging, 3 college credits through UAS, and a medley of skills suited to saving the Earth.
• To join us, or for more information, contact professor Dan Henry (  Please include a short paragraph (no more than 150 words), describing why this course excites you and how it will further your efforts to create positive change.

For more information, see the Course Flyer.


Donate to Inian Islands Institute, and become a part of this adventure!

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